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Student Portal Help Page

Please note the Student Portal address www.brilliantpala.in

If you want to talk to our representative, please Call 04822 206100

I. A new student who wish to join our institute

Register in www.brilliantpala.in

On Top Menu Bar, click on Register

You will get a Student ID and Password . This is a one time activity.

II. After Registaration

Once registered, you can sign (login) into the portal. Log in and do the following.

Click on Login Menu

All Menus are given in the Left Side. Click and Select the required one.

After login - Upload a passport size photo. (Click on you Photo Icon or Go to the menu Profile)

If you use a Mobile, The Menu will be seen as

III. Uploading Photo

1. Tap the menu (In mobile view menu is seen as in the image above. For PC the menu is seen in the left side.), click on the profile photo. (use same method to change the photo)
2. Select the photo form your PC or Mobile.
3. Use the controls to zoom in, zoom out, tilt the image etc. You can press on the image and drag to position it properly.
4. Crop the image. Press
5. Press SAVE to upload the photo.

Please note that, this photo is printed in the Student ID Card. Hence upload a neat, good quality photo.

III. Update academic and qualification data

Select the menu ' Academic Status' under screen Test. Update the data. You are using the same student ID every year. Hence you have to update it.

IV. Apply to a ScreenTest

Login to www.brilliantpala.in

Use the menu on left side . Select Apply Now 1. Check & Update your qualification data 2. Apply to the eligible Screening Test 3. Pay the exam Fee online or at SIB Counters. For this print the chellan. 4. Wait for the Hall Ticket. It can be down loaded a few days before the exam. ie after arranging centres. 5. Write the exam 6. Get the result when published.

V. Apply to a Course

Login to www.brilliantpala.in

1. Select the Menu Courses 2. Update your qualification data . It is required, because selection is based on merit. 3. Click on Apply Now 4. Yo may be prompted to update the data 5. When you proceed, eligible courses will be listed 6. If eligible, you can apply 7. You will be intimated when selected. Check the menu Application Status for selection progress.



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